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Our Community

We believe the church is not called to be a social club, but a supportive community of love, faith, discipleship, and commerce.

Prayer Requests

Would you like us to pray for you? Is there a special need you would like to share? Send us a quick message with the details. 

Our Beliefs

We believe the love of God is the basis for spreading love to all mankind. We believe the word of God is the basis for building faith.

Let’s Explore

Emotional Health

Teacher: Pastor Lamar Simmons


Date: Mondays, 7PM

Location: LFCC Sanctuary

You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.

Most people:
Avoid conflict in the name of Christianity
Ignore his anger, sadness, and fear
Use God to run from God
Live without boundaries

Join us for Fresh Word (Bible Study) as we explore the biblical integration of emotional health, a relationship with Jesus, and the classic practices of contemplative spirituality.

Our mission

To be a community of believers devoted to spreading LOVE & building FAITH.

Get Out

Our primary goal is to offer consistent evangelism into surrounding communities.

Give Out

We strive to share charitable outreach ministries with surrounding communities.

Get Obvious

We offer Christian partnering with existing community service agencies.


I love my church home!!! I am so grateful for my Pastor’s leadership and the fact that he prioritizes teaching over preaching. Because of him I study instead of just memorizing scriptures with no real comprehension. Although, he can hoop and “sang” with the best of them. LOL!

Bree Martin

I have visited Love and Faith twice on worship nights and have been so blessed by their hospitality and love for the Lord. Planning to join you on a Sunday very soon. Thank you.

Yasmeen Leon

Love this Church! The people are warm, the messages are concurrent with The Word, and I enjoy being able to minister with the Praise and Worship artists. Nothing like a home away from home!

Isabell Morris

I was a visitor today, and when I tell you nothing but love flowed through that place. The presence of the All Mighty God rests there. #love

Angela Pride

A place to experience the presence and the glory of God and what it feels like to have liberty and freedom to worship. No more being FAKE! YOU’RE FREE!

Phillip Bryant

This church is a place of life, love & faith! Definitely a place for those who want to know the God of the bible! Come and join us for service, it will be well worth it.


We’re blessed with one of the greatest!
Pastor Lamar Simmons passionately serves God, empowers His people and assists the community to the best of his ability.
He’s the proud founder of our “family of families”, and committed to loving it, nurturing it and building it for God’s glory every single day.

Sow A Seed. Reap a Harvest.
Giving makes ministry mobile

Generosity is at the core of the life of a believer.  We must  maintain a realistic grasp on what it takes for us to effectively function in society while fulfilling our duty to care for others.  At Love & Faith, we encourage a healthy attitude about giving.  Use the link below to give a single gift, or schedule recurring giving using your checking account, debit, or credit card.


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Pastor J. Kennerly’s Anniversary Service

Pastor Lamar Simmons


18 Aug, 4PM

True Light Ministries of Jesus Christ

Say it w/ Your Shirt Sunday

Pastor Lamar Simmons


25 Aug, 10:30AM

LFCC Sanctuary

Freedom of Dance Concert

Ecclesia Dance Ministry


7 Sep, 7PM

LFCC Sanctuary

More Jesus

Available NOW

from the LFCC Church Choir

We are honored to have one of the pioneering church ministries for today’s kingdom worship culture. The LFCC music ministry has a diverse repertoire covering all styles within the Christian & Gospel genre. Our goal is to provide content that re-establishes the necessity for church music ministries worldwide. Check out our new single!

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